Dementia / Alzheimer’s Specialization

Dementia / Alzheimer’s Specialization

Accredited through the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners (NCCDP)

Senior Support Services provides a path to certification for qualifying healthcare professionals as a Certified Dementia Practitioner (CDP).

Seminar Topics Covered

Seminars can held at healthcare facilities, assisted living facilities, home health companies, skilled nursing facilities, outpatient therapy organizations, as well as physician offices. Contact us today to schedule a seminar.

  • Intro to Memory Impairment
  • Key Aspects of the Disease
  • Key Aspects of Care
  • Personal Care
  • Caregiver Support

Knowledge is Power! With this in mind, did you know that there are many types of dementia, besides Alzheimer’s Disease? Being familiar with these types and how each one manifests itself in terms of behaviors, memory impairment, mood, etc. helps caregivers. Furthermore, it allows them to know the best approach when working with their clients. Proper and thorough training for all caregivers, whether professional or family, will lead to greater success. For example, this is true when working with someone who has dementia and is potentially resistant to receiving care. As a result, if you have found yourself feeling powerless and frustrated as a caregiver or perhaps burnt-out, this training could help you in making your caregiving efforts less challenging and more rewarding.

Are you fully prepared to handle all of the challenges associated with caring for those impacted by dementia?

Senior Support Services, LLC owner, Jeanna McElroy is certified as well as trained to offer the required seminar for those pursuing a CDP certification and who qualify through NCCDP.

  • 7 CEUs are available for nurses and social workers
  • Senior Support Services can provide educational seminars on aging well and related topics in general to companies, religious groups, civic groups, etc.

If you would like to schedule a training, contact Jeanna.

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