What We Offer

Care Managers Offer Solutions

At Senior Support Services of Ohio, we offer a wide variety of services as well as compassion and consideration for our clients and their families. For example, our services include: individualized care assessment, customized care plans and referral to high-quality services. In addition, we provide coordination with doctors, pharmacies, and therapists, as well as monitoring, patient advocacy and reassessments.

Quality care for families is a focus of Senior Support Services’ Care Managers. Therefore you can expect the following from our team:

  • Expertise in Aging Well
  • Unbiased, experienced guidance
  • Cost containment by avoiding unnecessary hospitalizations, inappropriate placement or duplication of services
  • Problem-solving as a result of creative and personalized solutions
  • Continuity of Care
  • Quality Control: Care Managers follow the Aging Life Care® Association’s Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics
  • Personalized, concierge-type services


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